Marc Roos and the pursuit of uniqueness. No piece has prior drawings. This allows Marc to blend emotion and shape as the creative process evolves.
Art and ceramics
The works of Marc Roos can be seen as wide-ranging. Over the years they evolved from functional ceramics to decorative pieces of art with a high level of finishing. His current works are the result of a self-critical quest where each creation is built layer by layer. These layers represent the natural sedimentary nature of the earth’s crust. The creation of these pieces is intensive and time-consuming.

Sedimentary layer build-up
The works reflect a high degree of technical ability, partly through the highly complex freestyle composition techniques. The technique requires a lot of patience and control. He manages to project strong yet understated but above all balanced imagery. The shaping is suitable strengthened through inspiration from organic textures with sober and subtle colouring with manganese oxide. The unity in his works takes the observer into a different time dimension that mirrors peace through meditation. Apart from various exhibitions throughout the year Marc also holds one annual open day where you can admire the work in his atelier.
Sedimentary layer build-up
Every creation is built layer by layer
Every creation is built layer by layer
The layer build-up is a slow and meticulous process. First the clay is rolled out into sheets. These are then cut into strips of around 1 cm. All these strips then have to be given some structure on both sides. Only then can assembly begin. This assembly needs to be very meticulous. No corrections can be made later without damaging the structure.
Gallery Room 8
16 January till 11 February
Atelier in beeld
4 and 5 May
Gallery 22, Damme (B)
8 May till 20 May
Opus 2 The Artistic Red Dot (FR)
6 June till 14 July
Garemijnzaal Brugge (B)
16 Aug till 21 Aug
Kunstroute Warande (NL)
24 and 25 August
Kunstzomer Drongen (B)
1 Sept till 29 Sept
Previous exhibitions
Marc Roos was born on 2nd October 1966 in Cologne (Germany). Despite stemming from a family of painters he had no affinity for art when he was young. Everything started in 2002 when he first experimented with clay. He was intrigued and decided to focus deeper on ceramics. Since then Marc finished his studies at the St-Lucas Academy in Gent and he developed his own specific style. It has led to Marc winning sevaral awards
Marc started his carreer in a hobby atelier in Bottelare. Here he encountered various techniques for structure, glazing and firing. He soon realised he had found his true passion en decided to further develop himself at the Academy of Wetteren. He experimented with different layering techniques and learned to make his own glazes. This allows him to give a unique feel to each individual piece. After a few fruitful years at the Academy of Wetteren Marc started to specialise at the St-Lucas Academy in Gent. This is where he developed his own layering style.
Awards / selections